The sculpture “Love” – ​​Burning Man Festival 2015

The Burning Man Festival

The Burning Man is an eight-day festival that takes place every year since 1991 in Black Rock City, a city located in the Black Rock Desert (Nevada).

The name derives from the ritual of burning a large wooden puppet on Saturday evening. The festival is not only famous for the great and amazing works of art presented, but also for the particular conditions in which the participants must stand for the duration of the festival.
In fact, each participant must bring camping gear, electricity generators, food and water for their survival as the only things on sale in the city are ice and coffee.
Barter and gift are the only permissible forms of transfer of ownership of goods, food and water; besides the fact that cell phones do not work in Black Rock City.

The Sculpture “Love”

Among the many works of art on display this year there is one that really caught the eyes of all: it is the work called “Love” by the Ukrainian sculptor Alexander Milov that depicts two adults in wire, sitting back to back with two hollow children trying to reach each other.

The sculptor gave the opportunity to all the participants to give an interpretation about the meaning of the work; subsequently Milov himself gave his own: “It shows a conflict between a man and a woman, the inner and outer expression of human nature.”
Their interiority is represented by transparent children who try to touch each other through the grate. As night falls, the children begin to glow. This splendor is a symbol of purity and sincerity that unites people and gives the opportunity to get closer when a dark period arrives.

The artist Milov with his work wants to underline the feeling that should always shine, even more in his country, where at the beginning of a civil war the darkness seems to have fallen.
The beautiful message is not the only reason why this work is so important: it is also the first time that a Ukrainian artist has received a grant from Burning Man to create his art … and hopefully it will not be the last.

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