Robotics: The first International Festival will take place in Pisa

Pisa, Excellence in Robotics and Technology

With the first International Robotics Festival, from 7 to 13 September 2017, Pisa will be invaded by innovation with the aim of asserting robotics as the discipline of the future. It is in fact the first time that a festival will be dedicated exclusively to robots and all their applications.
Pisa has acquired a role of international leadership in research and application in the robotics sector, to be considered the city of technologies.

È un progetto nato da una sinergia di intenti e di idee che ha coinvolto tante eccellenze del territorio pisano:

The scientific coordination of the exhibition will be entrusted to Paolo Dario, director of the Biorobotica Institute, and to Franco Mosca, president of the Arpa Foundation.

“We must realize – says Paolo Dario – that Pisa is one of the realities where robotics has not only been born but has now become a world leader, we have the best researchers in the sector and we have managed to create unique projects for functionality, quality and efficiency: our young people will now have to learn how to do their own entrepreneurs even if the gap with young US people is very difficult to fill. “


During the duration of the festival conferences and debates will be organized, both more scientific and informative with the aim of showing how in recent years the robotics has widened its borders, has left the research laboratories to “contaminate” many sectors starting from the social health area up to the artistic area.

The culmination of the cultural offer will be at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa, which will host a concert by Maestro Andrea Bocelli with soprano Maria Luigia Borsi.

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